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feminist critique Media – a current archive

As a medium for feminist critique, the magazine has many faces, revealed through the diverse array of titles, graphic designs, formats and materiality, whereby the latter two aspects are only relevant for print and not online editions. The self-understanding explicated under the “About Us” rubric on the websites of magazines also testifies to this diversity. Excerpts of these statements are to provide the archive visitor with a kind of written passport photo.

The themes dealt with in the magazines collected here are presented in their own fields of knowledge and on the basis of their various text forms – whether everyday, political, theoretical or poetical. In addition, a variety of feminist traditions are drawn on, from Olympe de Gouge through to Queer. And while one has appeared since 1912, others have nothing more than a dummy copy to their name. From a feminist perspective this does not mean in any way a narrowing of the themes tackled, but rather a broadening. The common features appear to reside less in championing a single feminism; instead, the aim is to produce “alternatives to malestream journalism in a male-dominated (media) world”, i.e. to describe feminist counter publics (an.schläge).

For the research – the collection of magazines presented here is its outcome – the internet served as a key medium, less in the function as a search engine, but primarily as a communication channel. Research took place via e-mail, with collaborators requested to provide tips and links. The result of this search is neither coincidental nor arbitrary; it is a specific selection dependent on personal relationships and acquaintanceships – this dependence evident for instance in the restriction to specific geographic or linguistic regions.

Like every archive, this is an incomplete project and, beyond the reading of the material itself, it aims to stimulate (further) research. For example: by enabling the contents of back issues to be viewed on the websites under the archive rubric – and so facilitating a rummaging around in the archives within the archive. Visiting several Swiss archives with materials on the history of the feminist movement inspired us, moreover, to entitle this module “current archive”. These historical archives also proved to be a resource for current feminist magazines. Along with the historical materials, the collections also have a section devoted to the latest issues of selected magazines.

In terms of content, the connection to “self-organisation in precarious working conditions” is directly given, for this theme is addressed in numerous articles, and it is also prevalent not least by virtue of the conditions for producing magazines, whose (open) structures are exemplary for the various (im-) possibilities of self-organised work. That most magazines originate on a part-time, voluntary, independent, collective, unpaid or non-profit basis reveals something about the status of feminist media creation within contemporary society. At the same time however, inherent to these forms of self-organised production is a source of (political) potential for the feminist magazine, namely as a medium of critique that recurs continually, whether weekly to half-yearly: “to give feminist thinking a language” (femina politica), “instrument de lutte” (L’émiliE), “a source of inspiration for women (and men) who view the world with a critical eye” (LOVER), and much more…

AFFILIA – Journal of Women and Social Work (Washington, USA)

Annabelle Magazine

an.schläge – Das Feministische Magazin (Wien/Vienna, AT)

ARIADNE – Forum für Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte (Kassel, DE)

AUF - Eine Frauenzeitschrift (Wien/Vienna, AT)

beiträge – zur feministischen Theorie und Praxis (Köln/Cologne, DE)

Bitch – feminist response to pop culture (Portland, USA)

CONTRASTE – Monatszeitung für Selbstorganisation (Heidelberg, DE)

Das Argument – Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften (Hamburg, DE)

European Journal of Women's Studies (NL/GB)

FAMA – die feministisch-theologische Zeitschrift der Schweiz (Henau, CH)

Femina Politica – Zeitschrift für feministische Politikwissenschaft (Tübingen/Berlin, DE)

Feministische Studien – Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung (Hamburg/Hannover, DE)

Feminist Review (London, GB)

Feminist Theory (GB)

fiber – werkstoff für feminismus und popkultur (Wien/Vienna, AT)

FKW – Frauen Kunst Wissenschaft (Bremen, DE)

FrauenSicht (Spiegel, CH)

Frauensolidarität (Wien/Vienna, AT)

Frauenstimme – Frauen für den Frieden (CH)

Frauenzeitung FRAZ (Zürich/Zurich, CH)

Graswurzelrevolution – Monatszeitung für eine gewaltfreie, herrschaftslose Gesellschaft (Münster, DE)

Hugs and Kisses – tender to all gender (Hamburg, DE)

InterAlia – a journal of queer studies (PL)

Kap (Basel, CH)

KOFRA – Zeitschrift für Feminismus und Arbeit (München/Munich, DE)

Koryphäe – Medium für feministische Naturwissenschaft und Technik (Wien/Vienna, AT)

La Mestiza – Revista Feminista (Lima, PE)

La revue Palabras (Brüssel/Brussels, BE)

L'émiliE – Revue feministe (Genf/Geneva, CH)


LOVER - Krachtvoer voor vrouwen m/v (Amsterdam, NL)

LTTR – The Journal (New York, USA)

Manushi – A journal about women and society (Delhi, IN)

NIKK magasin (Oslo, NO)

Nouvelles Questions Féministes – Revue internationale francophone (Lausanne, CH)

n.paradoxa - international feminist art journal (London, GB)

Olympe – Feministische Arbeitshefte zur Politik (Zürich/Zurich, CH)

Qunst.mag (Glasgow, GB/Hamburg, DE)

Revista Estudos Feministas (Florianópolis, BR)

ROSA – Die Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung (Zürich/Zurich, CH)

Schlangenbrut – Zeitschrift für feministisch und religiös interessierte Frauen (Bonn, DE)

Subtext – Feminism, politics and culture magazine (Nottingham, GB)

The F-Word – contemporary UK feminism (GB)

The Little Magazine (Delhi, IN)

Trikster (Bergen, NO/Kopenhagen/Copenhagen, DK)

WeiberZEIT – Zeitung des Projektes „Politische Interessenvertretung behinderter Frauen“ des Weibernetz e.V. (Kassel, DE)

WIA – Woman in action (Manila, PH)

WIDERSPRUCH – Beiträge zu sozialistischer Politik (Zürich/Zurich, CH)

wip – work in process (Linz, AT)

WIR FRAUEN (Düsseldorf, DE)

Women & Environments International Magazine (Toronto/Ontario, CA)

ZMagazine – The Spirit of Resistance Lives (USA)