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Radio LoRa: Distribution Apparatus Community Radio

“The Alternative Local Radio Zurich (ALR) is an experiment. It is an attempt to try out a strictly local radio programme produced by listeners and financed without advertising. The goal is to dismantle the division between producers and listeners. The ALR works according to the trainband system. Regularly involved volunteers attempt to develop new communication forms together with listeners who join in spontaneously.”

This excerpt formed part of the application for a permanent frequency in the Zurich area submitted by Radio LoRa 25 years ago. Which continuities and which changes have taken place over the last quarter of a century for non-commercial media projects based on voluntary work? What power of social intervention do concepts of counter public spheres still have in the face of an ever-advancing differentiation of (sub) culture? Are “free” radio stations still spaces of media participation for positions hardly representable in the mainstream, and if so what are their importance for the protagonists given increasingly precarious living and working conditions? The Radio LoRa contribution to the exhibition series “work to do” seeks to provide answers to these questions.