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24 / 7 : Open Desktop. A Participative Workspace.

Project by: Valérie Anex, Kasia Boron, Giulia Cilla, Cecilia Cardoso Rodriguez, Gaël Lugaz, Urduja Manaoag, Eva May, Laura von Niederhäusern, Danaè Panchaud, Jean-Marie Reynier, María Sánchez García.

CCC (Critical Curatorial Cybermedia) Study Program, Geneva University of Art and Design

What does it mean to work on self-organisation? It means to work with self-organisation!

For several months we have been researching Women and Minorities: Working Conditions in Cultural Production. Consequently, we began to question not only the theory, but also the practices of self-organisation. Through our investigation we decided to carry out an ideal of an open group work; avoiding a dominant conclusion or finished product. Thus, we present a physical manifestation of our personal interactions, collaborative productions and processes in progress. This area of “work” space includes our blog, videos, images, meeting protocols and evidences of an inter-disciplinary group in self-organisation.

It is a kind of metaphor for a self-organisation`s perpetual expansion and contraction, activity and idleness. Patience, misunderstandings, wasted time and circles are just some notable adversities that we have experienced, but at the same time our attempt to collaborate as a group visualises some of the real aspects of a self-organisation, to see this concept not only as a means to an end, but also as an alternative and ultimately more human working method than the goal-oriented, hierarchical efficiency-machines we see in most contemporary work-places.