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Sofie Thorsen
Afternoon in the Uganda Forest
Installation, 2006

"We were driven by love of adventure."
"It was really exciting to live in a culture that is so different."
"You have to make things work under completely crazy conditions."
"I really feel that I made a difference!"

Development workers have individual reasons for going out, individual ways of coping with the local situation and different strategies of communicating their experiences once they are back in a Danish context. The work of the Danish development NGOs and the governmental organisation for development aid DANIDA is of course focused on development work and also follows international trends. But it also includes a more or less outspoken export of “Danish” cultural values and ideas to the partner-organisations in the developing countries.

Afternoon in the Uganda Forest introduces some of the players in the Danish part of the development industry, and maps a fragment of an African geography in Denmark.

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