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déjà vu (1999)
DVD from 35 mm (blow up from N8, S8), 23 min
Lisl Ponger

From the beginning, as the images of déjà vu begin to parade across the screen, the viewer is seduced by their foreign but nonetheless eerily familiar flow.

The film, consisting of amateur footage from many sources, is an archive of collected clichés of exotic otherness. Geographical nonsense now dancing to another tune. Souvenirs of places at a time when it is customary to bring back home photos instead of silk, Super-8-films instead of spices. These pieces of personal memory are culled from over sixty hours of film and stand witness to a way of seeing, a white model of perceiving the world and its unspoken hierarchies. These sequences may have been shot in all innocence but it is the innocence of unconscious complicity. In the context of déjà vu the seemingly naive pleasure of collecting the wonders of the world is getting a different meaning.

(Excerpt from an article by Tim Sharp)

Lisl Ponger, déja vu (1999)
Videostill, Courtesy Charim Galerie, Wien /Vienna

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