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10104 Angelo View Drive (2004)
Grandeur et Décadence d´un petit commerce de cinéma (2004)
Short Hills (1999)

Presentation: 07. July 2005, 20.00
Dorit Margreiter discusses her cinematic work and shows besides Grandeur et Décadence d´un petit commerce de cinéma (2004) and Short Hills (1999), her latest film 10104 Angelo View Drive

If, as Kaja Silverman explains, the “screen represents the site at which the gaze is defined for a particular society, and is consequently responsible both for the way in which the inhabitants of that society experience the gaze’s effects, and for much of the seeming particularity of that society’s visual regime,” then the convergence of “screen” and architecture in Dorit Margreiter’s work involves not only the question of how the architecture in a specific case directs the gaze of the occupants, or how it is constituted by the relationship between visual and physical perception in the building, which she takes as its subject.

Dorit Margreiter, 10104 Angelo View Drive (2004)

16 mm, DVD, 6:56 min

Additionally, it is likewise significant, how, through the social regime of image and gaze, which is decisively defined through the mass media of film and television, the view of and the ways of dealing with this architecture are determined.
Extracts from Matthias Michalka, introduction text to 10104 Angelo View Drive, 2004

Supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum in Bern

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