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introduction : films

In addition to the other projects, the Shedhalle plans to establish a film series as a regular event. Films and videos will be shown in the cinema of the Shedhalle on the first Thursday evening of every month at 20.00. The programme will also include discussions with film makers, artists, theorists and directors in order to provide a forum for people interested in art and film outside the framework of the exhibition projects.

The film series will focus on the relationships between documentary and fiction and between narrative and fictional strategies in artistic film productions. The concept of “authenticity as a form of presentation” is based on the assumption that authenticity in media, aesthetic and non-aesthetic communication must be viewed as a form, result or effect of media presentation. Formats such as fictional documentaries, reality TV and “Big Brother” reflect a tendency in recent television formats toward media staging and thus offer variations on real life. The quality of “authenticity” suggested by the form of presentation is the product of an approach to staging that evokes a sense of event. From the perspective of the film series, the relationships between reality, documentary and fiction in the artistic film are more complicated than those represented by such examples. In recent years, digital imaging technology has reduced the costs of film production and thus democratized the medium of film, opening the way for a number of artistic works of which contents and aesthetics are oriented toward documentary. While the “classical” documentary film inevitably mediatises the reality it claims to report, the relationship between reality and the image of reality presented in the artistic film is quite different. It relies more heavily on narrative, fictional and aesthetic elements, and often demonstrates the forms of presentation involved in media staging.

The film series will focus on artistic video and film productions which in some cases are more closely related to the aesthetics of the fictional feature film than to those of the documentary and which, by incorporating fictional strategies, go far beyond the sphere of mediatised reality. The film series presented by the Shedhalle will initiate the analysis from the other side in an approach that is less concerned with the authenticity of the images than with the characteristics of narrative, fiction and visual languages.

Films will be shown on the first Thursday of each month in the cinema of the Shedhalle at 20.00