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Sean Snyder

Exhibition, DVD, 6.59 min, 2008

Exhibition is a video about art, its reception and the discourse it generates as well as the work involved in the production of exhibitions. Exhibition reflects the rituals and conventions of the social dimension of art and the failure of educational projects based on assumptions of the universal aesthetic experience. The video uses as a subject the Soviet documentary film Noble Impulses of Soul, 1965, by Israel Goldstein. In typical 1960s Soviet style, the pedagogical tone of the film’s narrative praises the efforts of a provincial museum in the village of Parkhomivka in Eastern Ukraine revolving around an exhibition of contemporary Mexican art presented at the museum and an art history lecture at a village farm. The reprocessed video restructures the primary components, eliminates the voice of the narrator, and reorders the chronology of the film to break the continuous realistic world of documentary and alluding to the standardized and meaningless language that talks through people.

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