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Barbara Visser

Last Lecture, video, 19.30 min, 2007
Recorded at Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, The Netherlands
Courtesy Annet Gelink Gallery

The performance/video Last Lecture is the sequel to the performance/video Lecture on Lecture with Actress of 2004, which in itself was the sequel to Lecture with Actress, an experiment that took place in Amsterdam in 2007.

In the latter, the artist invited an actress to give a lecture about Barbara Vissers’ work as a stand-in, of which the audience was unaware. Equipped with an invisible earpiece, she mechanically repeated any information prompted to her by the artist.

In the second piece, recorded at the Berlin Münz Club in 2004, another actress, one with a closer physical resemblance to the artist, lectures an audience about the first experiment, talking about the mechanisms behind it, the puzzled reactions and the flaws and surprises that it provoked, illustrating her talk with footage from the first event.

Finally, in Last Lecture of 2007, the artist is behind the screen, doing the voice over of the video, while the sound is entirely muted.

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