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Kristina Ask, Christian Hillesø, Mads Rasmussen & Mia Rosasco


The DICTIONARY is a collective effort to define language, words,  notions, terms, concepts, ideas, meanings, expressions, sayings – in other words means of communication. The DICTIONARY has the format of a semi-anarchistic dictionary in which a group of participants have chosen the world of words and their meanings summed up in the final and first edition of the DICTIONARY.

The editors have sought to challenge notions of ‘network’ and ‘common knowledge’ by distributing the invitation to contribute to the DICTIONARY through a web of colleagues, friends, family and their colleagues, friends and families. Who ever came across the invitation and chose to take up the challenge of contributing to the loosely defined concept of sharing knowledge and ideas, have unfolded words in ways they found suitable within the framework of a pocket size paperback.

The book contains statements, ‘facts’, fictions, experiences, thoughts and ideas in different languages along with many visual contributions. Further, the reader can find references between the different entries. 

The main editorial task has been to put together all the collected material in order of the Latin alphabet. Our overall intention has been to gather different approaches to the use and perception of language. As Mimicry of the medium the DICTIONARY will hopefully challenge the dispositions and limits of communication.

The DICTIONARY is initiated and edited by Kristina Ask, Christian Hillesø, Mads Rasmussen & Mia Rosasco.

The DICTIONARY is licensed under the Creative Commons.

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