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Mozaik was founded in 1989, motivated by the need to make Turkish books available in Switzerland and targeting Turkish and Kurdish migrants. The initial stock of the new library was 200 books. Through a small journal in German that reported on events in Turkey and the Kurdish areas and information brochures, Mozaik earned enough money to purchase a further 3000 books from Turkey, which today make up the basis of the library’s holdings.

Since 1994 the non-profit organisation is located in the Stauffacherstrasse in Zurich. It “addresses the cultural and social concerns of migrants and aims to foster cultural exchange.” Mozaik “performs the function of being an important meeting place where people can talk, read Turkish and German newspapers and magazines, or eat and drink something together.”

Events and discussion rounds are also held, providing information and further education as well as entertainment. Each year a different focal point is chosen and approached from a variety of perspectives, such as literature, politics and art. The project “Integrale” provides German language courses, with unemployed Swiss teaching Turks. By holding bilingual events, Mozaik seeks “to enable exchange between Turkish and German speakers and thus contribute to intercultural communication.”
(Profile, excerpts from the annual report 2006)

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Nosotras Basel, Informationsstelle und Treffpunkt für Frauen aus Lateinamerika, an information bureau and meeting place for women from Latin America, began on 25 March 1995, as the first open day was held in the so-called Frauenzimmer in Klingentalgraben 2.

In view of the large number of binational marriages in the city and region of Basel, Nosotras was – and is – the answer to the widely recognized need for an information bureau helping Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking women. We have evolved step by step, in line with the concrete needs of the women who came to seek our assistance. On the one hand we provide information and advice on upbringing and relationship difficulties as well as issues concerned with school education, residency permits, etc. On the other hand we now also offer German, conversation and computer courses and play groups for children aged between three and six.

As a meeting place we discuss the Swiss health system, cultural integration processes and other themes. We invite specialists in women’s issues to take part.

What began as an initiative for women from Latin America has meanwhile developed into the intercultural organisation for all nationalities, Nosotras, Interkulturelle Informationsstelle für Frauen aller Nationalitäten. Although we have yet to receive any cantonal financial support, we would like to continue with this very important integration work. Nosotras is a politically and denominationally independent organisation. The professional and experienced women involved in our work are bound to confidentiality.
(Profile, excerpts from

April 5
A meeting will take place with member of Mozaik and Delia Krieg-Trujillo from Nosotras.

Meeting point: 19.00 Shedhalle or 19.30 ON THE SPOT

Verein Mozaik
Stauffacherstrasse 101a
8004 Zürich

The encounter will be documented and integrated into the exhibition as an audio station.

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