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KraftWerk1 originated at the beginning of the 1990s “out of the ideas and interests of many individuals. The KraftWerk1 pioneers wanted to establish a community settlement based on joint self-help. They undertook to combine a modern urban attitude to life with social and ecological standards. The new settlement aimed to make it possible to live and work in inner-city surrounds. Those synergies generated by an optimally balanced-out form of communal living were to be tapped into imaginatively and practicably.”

Since 2000 KraftWerk1 offers living space for around 240 persons and working space for a further 90 in West Zurich. The concept is based to a large degree on the self-administration and individual initiative of the residents. The active communal life and attractive infrastructure are maintained mainly by the committed engagement of the residents in working groups and projects. To name a couple of examples: there is a swap market, a bar, guest rooms, a self-organised shop known as the “consumer depot”, and a roof terrace accessible to everyone.

At the moment the cooperative is looking for a suitable location for KraftWerk2, where, after evaluating the present project, the concept shall be developed further.

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April 19
tour through KraftWerk1 with Andreas Hofer (founding member of KraftWerk1)
Meeting point: 19.00 Shedhalle or ON THE SPOT

Bau- und Wohngenossenschaft KraftWerk1
Hardturmstrasse 269
8005 Zürich

The encounter will be documented and integrated into the exhibition as an audio station.

mp3-files (german):

audio_1 (45 mb)

audio_2 (33 mb)

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