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Frauen Dienstleistungs-, Gewerbe- und Kulturzentrum Zürich AG

The first service, commercial and cultural centre for women in Switzerland provides women active in business, culture and politics with an infrastructure that aids them to successfully undertake economic and social activities. Created by women for women, a network is to be developed under one roof that generates added value for the tenants and enhances the position of women’s activities and culture in the public realm.

Located in Bremgartnerstrasse 18 in Zurich-Wiedikon, the centre offers a variety of renting possibilities: business premises in varying sizes and suitable for different branches, store and archival space, seminar and meeting rooms, a 3? room apartment, and a café for events. Profit is not the objective. Rather, the centre shall be a place where specific synergies are to be generated and used. The total usable floor space covers some 1200m?.

Through an eclectic tenant mix, fair lease conditions and an attractive event calendar, a sustainable platform is to be established for enterprises run by women in the service industry, in business, education and culture as well as for women’s organisations and networks. This is the first and, up until now, remains the only undertaking of this kind in Switzerland.

Detailed planning is underway and redeveloping work on the building is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2007. We plan to move in the spring of 2008.

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March 22
The meeting will take place with Eva Schumacher, co-founder and board director of the Frauen Dienstleistungs-, Gewerbe- und Kulturzentrum Zürich AG
Meeting point: 19.00 Shedhalle or ON THE SPOT

Bremgartnerstrasse 18
8003 Zürich

The encounter will be documented and integrated into the exhibition as an audio station.

mp3-files (german):

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