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“A new newspaper is about to hit the streets. By and for the oppositional Left in Switzerland. A doomed project some say – above all economically, but also politically. How can it ever work? But many committed supporters say: a necessary project. Because groups, organisations and individuals refusing to conform to the prevailing system need a platform they can be actively involved in and which allows them to discuss issues."

But so that the first issue can be published on 1 May, we want to raise 100,000 francs starting capital by the time the decisive general meeting of antidot is held. The newspaper will be financed through donations, membership fees and subscriptions – and, most crucially, the dedicated commitment of activists who promote the project, help out at the publishers and contribute actively to the newspaper’s content. We cannot count on sponsors due to our political orientation. But for that, we can expect the support of large and small groups from the Swiss Left. 29 groups and organisations have already joined antidot!

In December antidot held a journalism course in which, amongst others, WoZ journalists passed on their know-how to interested participants. There is enormous interest in working on the antidot newspaper: from throughout Switzerland but also Germany, scores of willing writers have offered their services for nothing.

antidot is more than a “new paper”. It is an attempt to help the fragmented grassroots groups, collectives and movements, blown into niches by the cold wind of neo-liberalism, join forces and gain a common and louder voice.

(Profile of antidote, excerpts from and Zwischenberichte, no. 1-2006, September 2006)

March 29
The meeting will take place with members of the editorial team in Restaurant Cooperativo, where the idea for the newspaper was hatched.
Meeting point: 19.00 Shedhalle or ON THE SPOT at Cooperativo

Restaurant Cooperativo
Strassburgstrasse 5
8004 Zürich

The encounter will be documented and integrated into the exhibition as an audio station.

mp3-files (german):

audio_1 (48 mb)

audio_2 (45 mb)

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