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Mirjam Wirz

Mirjam Wirz, lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania
Photography, texts and performative interventions are the focus of my work. Together with Augustinas Beinaravicius I initiated a non-profit organization called Involved that is subsequently run by us. Involved deals with varying collective actions which are engaged with different cultural projects in Vilnius. We create microstructures together with an alternating group of people, working situation-related and referring to social issues against the background of the city of Vilnius.
In a situation of growing social ghettos, we transect social layers. Instead of filling in given structures we create our own temporary free space for a temporary crowd.

My photos and texts about the interventions are linked to conceptual reports on the background of the current situation and address a wider discussion and ways of dealing with reporting.
A newsroom with its own rules: to report and to be part of it.

Newspaper 1 / Newspaper 2

delegation report

fotos: flash bar

Flash Institute

The Flash Institute is a centre for cultural production, research, development and exchange. A communication structure set up to research and connect ongoing cultural processes. The Institute is currently based in Vilnius/Lithuania in a room of a former dominican monastery.

Lat. instituere: to construct, to set up
Cultural, artistic or economic organisation
Educational or research centre

To appear briefly
A short vivid experience
A sudden brilliant understanding
A short news announcement concerning an ongoing news story

Continuity / Contact / Copying / Contagion / Conflict

Involved project, since 2001, a cultural project referring to specific contexts and social encounters

Flash Bar, since 2006, temporary spaces for a temporary crowd / transforming urban spaces in the city through spontaneous social gatherings

Structure / Departments of the Flash Institute
News Department
Production space and temporary editorial team of a newspaper

Living Room
Conversations, meetings, interviews

Flash Department
Investigation of potential new Flash Bar situations

Access Department
Network and exchange between departments and production contexts

Courses and educational programmes

Additional departments can be added as needed

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