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RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co)

Our name means: we prefer to spend time together rather than alone. When someone asks us what we’re doing in and with art, we know: they’re curious. But it’s not always clear if interest or fascination or pure politeness is in play when they listen to our answer to the very end. We often arrive without any ideas or completed works at the site where the exhibition or project is to take place. Mostly our things develop as part of something that aims at an act. Like a bread-throwing machine for ducks that we have constructed. And here’s another question: three persons, two women and a man order in a restaurant a beer, a tea and a coffee. Who gets the beer? Who the bill?

die Verschwendung; la dépense

Taking ones own time, generosity, all kind of abundance, waste, time loss and deficit of energy are part of the everyday life and part of WASTE. The preparation of WASTE is based on the idea that there is never enough space for the production of culture and art. WASTE is a built-in model in and of the Shedhalle.

When self-reflexive artists as organised working poor are actually regarded as role models for the economic system - FIREFIRE!!! - then we have to talk about a huge formal misunderstanding. Therefore, the answer then might be easy and equally formal:

A to B: "I don't like your behaviour".
B to A: "never mind, I don't sell it".

Or in other words, if you don't want to be taken in by anything or anybody, then try being really ugly. But who wants that? After all, this would be ANTI-WASTE, self-conservation, the withdrawal from free circulation.

WASTE is a space to waste time, available for everybody, without any conditions and rules. A place where we will oscillate between values and their recordings as clear lines, middle lines of discontentment, deadlines and lines of attention going up or dropping out. human resources.

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