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Anne-Käthi Wehrli (Zürich)

In the exhibition Lost & Found Wehrli will be represented with an installation and a fanzine that is released at the opening of the show. She will make the performance "Love is in The Air" at the archive meeting on Mai 26th, in a wig floating freely in the hall.

Wehrli is a performance and graphic artist as well as editor of various fanzine publications, such as "Love" (Nieves Verlag Zürich), "Teenage Days" and "Freundesfreundin". Wehrli has exhibited at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Les Complices* in Zürich, Erotic Art Museum Hamburg, in the Kaskadenkondensator Basel and in the Galeria Noua in Bucharest. She was also co-organising the Ladyfest Berlin, she is part of the artist group "Sea" and cooperates with Benjamin Sommerhalder. Moreover, she is co-director and author as well as one of the principal actresses in the "Vegane Oper" which was performed this year in Basel, Berlin, Hamburg and Zürich with great success.

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