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Andrea Thal (Zürich/Berlin)

The song "Godzilla - A Japanese Love Song" was written and recorded in the legendary, Zurich based, Sunrise studio by Mother’s Ruin in 1979. The song tells the impossible love story of Godzilla, who’s transformed to a female monster in the lyrics of the song.

This more or less accidental twist shows parallels to the history of the film monster Godzilla. Since its screen debut in 1954, the monster has undergone constant transformation in the course of over twenty, mostly Japanese Godzilla productions. Godzilla’s body changed size and build, took on attributes of feminine as well as masculine gender, was a symbol for nuclear catastrophe or a guardian of man kind from extraterrestrial forces, at one point Godzilla laid eggs in another film it was a caring father.

Since 2004 Andrea Thal has dedicated a series of exhibitions to selected songs by bands of the late 1970s and early 80s post punk area. The songs by bands such as Unknown Gender or Bush Tetras can be understood as early examples of today’s Queer- and Gender discourse or deal with the particular role of female musicians in the rock’n’roll circuit. In collaboration with the particular bands newspapers, containing photo and text material, are published and a new interpretation of the songs is performed and cut on a dubplate live.

Mother's Ruin Concert, 1978
Club Container, Zurich
Photograph unknown

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