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rampenfiber presents: Music was her first love

It was 2006, when part of the editor’s collective of the Vienna based magazine fiber.Werkstoff for feminism and popculture organised a four day music- and filmfestival, that aimed the visibility of women as players and musicians in the music industry. The festival was meant as a platform and a place for networking, as well as to connect cultural appendages and the praxis of making music.

rampenfiber place themselves in that context and the tradition of ladyfests, which also takes place around Europe since a couple of years. But their focus is specified on the life (of women) from, for and in music. Not only have there been concerts, dj-lines and filmscreenings, but also podium- discussions so as to give an exchange of experience among musicians, journalists, label owners, producers and more. Different approaches of women towards music, different experiences as musicians as well as circumstances of production were discussed.

The films being shown here are part of the filmnight "Music was her first love".

Left Lane: on the road with folk poet Alix Olson | USA 2004, 93min. Samantha Farinella, engl. OF
With her in-your-face, subversive yet revealing words igniting audiences far and wide, Alix Olson's fiery spoken-word poetry and intoxicating lyrics are all captured in the raw, raucous and inspiring documentary Left Lane. We travel across the country in her red cruiser van stopping in both conservative and liberal cites like Charlotte, NC, Lincoln, NE, Northampton, MA and our local towns of Bryn Mawr and Westchester. Along the ride are a roving band of musical buddies and her fervent tour manager/filmmaker Samantha Farinella as they dissect with sarcastic wit, humor and anger the various topics that mirror her live shows. In addition to the electrifying concert footage, candid interviews with Alix's sassy grandmother and mother add great insight into what makes this road warrior tick, like how Alix wanted to try out for the cheerleading squad when she was in high school! Besides the humorous moments, this verbose poet, feminist, activist and artist lives for her inner spirit and is always exploring it. She is fearless with her voice, clear and in her message while provoking thought through all that she encounters.
Kelly Burkhardt

Lesbian Pop Idol | GB 2004, 32min. Rachel Venia Woodgate. engl. OF
This is brief record of the heats and final of a contest to find the best lesbian singer. The contestants came from all over the United Kingdom and the film includes interviews with them.

step up and be vocal | D 2001, 60 min. Uta Busch/ Sandra Ortman
Personalities of the queer, punk and riot grrl scene (team, dresch, tribe8, etc.) will be asked to interview and to interview each other. Spontaneous, informative and powerful - for all the "female guitar players" or the wannabes! ;-)

Female+Queer Words+Beats 1 | D 2004, 80 min. Director, camera, audio + cut: Katharina Ellerbrock, german and engl. OF
"Female+queer words+beats began with the band Le Tigre. Their feminist background and their performances on stage seemed very important to me. I had the possibility to film one of their shows and to interview them per mail. While we planned the film the idea came up to document even more interessenting female/queer bands and male/female artists. These are: Le Tigre, Hanin Elias, Räuberhöhle, rhythm king and her friends and Peaches."
Katharina Ellerbrock

Funny Kinda Guy | GB 2004, 83min. Travis Reeves, engl. OF
"Funny Kinda Guy" not a likely title for a documentary about a transgendered singer-songwriter who, while gaining his true identity as a man, must sacrifice his voice to hormone treatment. Yet Scotland's Simon de Voil is so charismatic and good-natured, the title quickly grabs hold and never lets go.

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