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Didi Neidhart: POESIE-ALBEN (Der Wust, Pt.1)
Collecting Dissidance & Hidden Charms
Installation, 2x2m

Pop is more than just music. What begins as a "Bravo"-starcut turns into a pop-memorabilia-home-altar. Compiled from finds it becomes private-mythology, a pop diary, a smorgasbord of quarries and eternal building sites. A permanent makeshift of constant field studies with torn out pieces pasted together again and again over and over. Full of strange encounters, blind spots, banalities, cryptic, secret stories, passionate empathy and nerdy gnostic. A spilling tangled mass stemming from thousand reference-hells with selected record covers as trampoline for discourse. Welcome to the jungle of crosslinks! Get ready for overcomplication!

And: If there are Tom-boys what are Jerry-girls?

Doing Pop as doing Gender both define themselves through samples, quotations, synthetic manifestations, blurs, weird combinations and juicy robberies. Take a look...

"POESIE-ALBEN (Der Wust, Pt.1)"
Installation, 2x2m

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