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Annette Kelm (Berlin)

Annette Kelm’s work is characterized through an interest in the relation between objects and it’s cultural genealogy, as well as through a subtle game of the visual and verbal association. Within "Lost & Found" Annette Kelm shows a grouping of the work "YWCA #1 and #2", "After Man Ray", "Spider Gloves", "Mil Arrugas", and a multisectional series of photocopies from the photo archive of the "Bishop Museum" in Honululu.

Both photos of the series "YWCA" where taken in the "Young Christian Women Association Honolulu", Hawaii. They show an extract of a selection of feminist books accumulated over the years in the institution’s bookshelf. The portrayed books are to be seen approximately in real size. The photo "Spider Gloves" shows gloves of a costume of Spiderman.

In Jean Cocteaus film "Orphée", the protagonist can go through a mirror, using a pair of gloves. The Spanish title "Mil Arrugas" means "a thousand folds". Annette Kelm found the Red Wood tree root in the same forest where Hitchcocks "Veritgo" was shot.

The photocopies from the photo archive of the "Bishop Museum" show scientifically-documentary photos of pineapple shrubs, combined with photos of male dancers in the "Hawaiian Room", Hotel Lexington, New York, 1950ies. The combination might point to the connection of non-normative identity, transgression and exotism. The institutional incorporating and controlling of the "Other" might be perceived through the indexation and "certification" of the photocopy.

YWCA #1 and YWCA #2

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