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Grrrl Zine Network -
Grrrl, Lady, Queer and Trans Folk Zines Archive
Elke Zobl and Haydeé Jiménez (Salzburg)

Grrrl zines: Mainstream media here and abroad fails to provide a venue for many people, women foremost among them, particularly women of color, working-class women and queer youth, who find themselves excluded or grossly misrepresented. In response, members of these identifying categories take the tools of cultural production into their hands and create their very own symbols, cultural codes, and images of (self-) representation. In zines - "noncommercial, nonprofessional, small-circulation magazines which their creators produce, publish, and distribute by themselves" (S. Duncombe,1997) - a growing number of young women and queer and transgender youth from around the world are finding an empowering outlet for expressing their experiences, thoughts, anger, and pain that result from growing up and living in patriarchal, homophobic, and racist societies. As such, zines reflect the unfiltered and resistant personal and political voices of youth. Grrrl zines, zines made by and for female, queer and transgender youth with feminist viewpoints, offer not only a forum where women’s and queer voices can be expressed and heard but also a zone of freedom from societal pressures and symbolic control.

The goal for the web site is to share resources on grrrl zines in different languages, and to create connections between like-minded but often far-away feminist youth who read and produce zines. Links to: Grrrl, lady, queer, and trans folk zines and comics in 14 languages from 37 different countries, magazines, resources on zines and grrrl-women-trans-feminism, third wave feminism, cyberfeminism, art + pop culture + music, writings on zines, message board, and interviews with grrrl zine editors.

As part of the Riot Project Archive Meeting, which will take place on Saturday May 26, 2007 at the Shedhalle Zurich, Haydee Jimenez will make a presentation of the web site by Elke Zobl and Haydee Jimenez and of the print and online archive of grrrl zines from around the world. A small zine-reading area will be set up as part of the presentation as well.

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