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Pauline Boudry (Berlin)
A street angel with a cowboy mouth
Rhythm King and her Friends
Tour Diaries 2004-2005
dvd, 35 min, english, 2007

Filmed in diary format, a street angel with a cowboy mouth documents Rhythm King & her Friends` European tour, undertaken shortly after the release of their first LP "I am Disco" with Kitty-Yo. Concert footage from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Geneva, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Athens or Rom is supplemented with the rarely seen side of touring: backstage life, the travel, the encounters along the way.

The film shows us the different underground scenes the band performs in, the relationship with their public, and the cooperation with other musicians, be it at a queer festival, ladyfests or electronic music clubs.

The diary style makes it possible for Rhythm King & her Friends to reflect upon their musical and artistic methods, and includes commentary on their texts of "I am Disco" as well as the collective work practices of the band.

Apart from the experiences of the band itself, this film throws a light on the current electronic scene, introducing not only various organizers of the musical events, but also meetings along the way and pictures of many girlbands and stars such as Robots in Disguise, Angie Reed, Scream Club, Stereo Total, Cobra Killer, Tara De Long and Lesbians on Ecstasy.

Still from "A street angel with a cowboy mouth"

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