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Of Losses and Strategies of Cultural Self-Empowerment

Opening: May 11 2007, 7pm
Exhibition dates: May 12 - July 15

Sabine Reinfeld, Performance 2006
Stuttgart, Photograph: Marijan Murat


"Lost & Found" is an exhibition about Pop and about how artists deal with a matter, where borders between appropriation and absorption quickly blur. "Lost & Found" talks about lamented losses and happily shared discoveries. "Lost" - means the loss of contumaciousness and glamorous exceedance. Both only seem to be melancholy memory as pop got lost in common sense. "Found" - is the emancipatory code conversion and the enthusiastic distribution of pop cultural fragments. They stem from all over the world and offer something for everybody.

The diminishing power of definition of culture redactors, about what good, new and subversive in music or films, the new distribution channels such as file sharing platforms, web logs, and pod casts are opposed. We, who assiduously recorded mix tapes and thereby also exchanged opinions, today exchange digital data back and forth. This connects us with unknown people with whom we exchange data for a short time, but do we also share the same political views? Therefore we ask: Where is the politicisation of a receiving or/and producing individual accounted today? Where can anti-hegemonial life and/or gender concepts and feministic issues in the cultural production be located?

In a consciously un-nostalgic way "Lost & Found" looks at how cultural production can be received actively and what actual possibilities of cultural self-empowerment are there?

The consumer as a cultural producer opens up a productive space in which pop creations can be re-discovered under a subjective perspective and re-interpreted in a feminist and/or queer way. The project "Lost & Found" is also about proclaiming an alternative historiography and about ing pop-feminists networks into the cultural memory.

Pauline Boudry, Anna McCarthy, Discoteca Flaming Star & François Boué, Luke Fowler & Kosten Koper, Stella Glitter, Melissa Gordon, Grrrl Zine Network [Elke Zobl & Haydeé Jiménez], Annette Kelm, Jutta Koether, Didi Neidhart, Sabine Reinfeld, Aurora Reinhard, Dimitrina Sevova, Andrea Thal, The Riot Project, Anne Käthi Wehrli, Woman in Punk Archive [Nicole Emenegger]

Interviews about music collections, Rampenfiber Filmprogram, Documentaries: Don’t need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl, Counting Headz - South Afrika’s Sistaz in Hip Hop, Krudas, Queens of Sound, Musicvideoclips

Alice Cantaluppi, Isabel Reiss, Anna Voswinckel

Alice Cantaluppi, Isabel Reiss, Anna Voswinckel, Shedhalle-Team

by appointment:

[A street angel with a cowboy mouth - Pauline Boudry]
[The cutting brink - Anna McCarthy]
[Discoteca Guitarrera Funkstorm - Discoteca Flaming Star & François Boué]
[The Way Out - Luke Fowler & Kosten Koper]
[The golden sixpack - Jukebox live von und mit Stella Glitter]
[Genealogies und Duchess of Malfi - Melissa Gordon]
[Grrrl Zine Network - Elke Zobl & Haydeé Jiménez]
[Annette Kelm]
[Entorurage - Jutta Koether]
[POESIE-ALBEN (Der Wust, Pt.1) - Didi Neidhart]
[Madame Banlieue - Frau Vorstadt / Frau Tiergarten - Sabine Reinfeld]
[Tiger Tom Singing - Aurora Reinhard]
[Unbeschreiblich weiblich - Dimitrina Sevova]
[Godzilla - Andrea Thal]
[The Riot Project - Anne-Marie Payne and Passenger Books]
[Anne-Käthi Wehrli]
[Women in Punk Archive - Nicole Emmenegger]

Melissa Gordon, "Dear Donna"
Malerei, 180x160 cm
From the Series "Genealogies Part I+II", 2006


[Hear ye! : Interviews about music collections]
[rampenfiber presents: Music was her first love]
[Don’t need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl]
[Counting Headz - South Afrika’s Sistaz in Hip Hop, Vusi Magubane and Erin Offer]
[Krudas, Sandra Boero-Imwinkelried]
[Queens of Sound, Sandra Krampelhuber]