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fascho! reports from everyday life
(Neo)Fascism, The "Center" of Society and Swiss Politics.
Aesthetics, Identity, Ideology. Resistance!

The german exclamation "fascho!" is an expression of unthinking, emotional, and yet at the same time principled and categorical disapproval of a comment or act. It is used in everyday language to describe a heterogeneous field of social phenomena. With the exhibition fascist! dispatches from everyday life, we seek to intervene in this field. The exhibition fascho! reports from everyday life seeks first to explore fragments of ideologies with a fascist "past" that still come up today in various discourses and debates. Second, it tries to investigate the question of what current ideologies, policies, and practices - whether they aim at the exclusion of particular groups or at pervasive economic exploitation or make use of oversimplifying explanations of the world - could have to do with historical fascism. Even if our "neoliberal" society is not simply "fascist," it nevertheless displays effects that are reminiscent of historical fascisms. Third, the exhibition looks at Neonazi groups and organizations as well as the "right-wing youth scenes."

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