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jump into cold water : contributions
Angela Sanders
Mapping humanities, 2006

Ever since the turn of postmodernism as well as the cessation of the great narratives had its inception in the 20th century with Jean-Francois Lyotard and the prevailing authoritarian occidental knowledge and its bearing of awareness of the "truth" of poststructuralist intellectuals came under fire, a range of diverse, specific and critical ways of thinking evolved, that in turn let themselves be bundled into individual scientific disciplines.

Meant are the newer theoretical approaches of discursive analysis of the Lacan psychoanalysis to the point of deconstructivism, which have significantly influenced humanities, social science and the science of arts and brought about the emerging of "fields of knowledge" such as the Postcolonial, Black, Queer, Cultural, Media Gender or Visual Studies.

The attempt of mapping diverse theoretical approaches evolved out of a need to place and position oneself in this non-linear, unmanageable seeming jungle of theories. This "map of humanities" does not lay any claim of satisfying scientific criteria or artistic execution. It presents a subjective snapshot that entirely according to the motto "fragile good" imagines and visualizes already available knowledge in the form of so called "theoryscapes" and simultaneously intends to refer to the valuable intersection between art and social sciences.