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jump into cold water : contributions
Jan Kopp
Sanectamok, 2001
Workshop in Perpignan, Ecole Supérieur des Beaux Arts
Dialogue between Jan Kopp and Xavier Le Roy on Jan Kopp’s workshop at the fine arts school in Perpignan, 2002

"I believe that the workshop in Perpignan was announced by the school to the students as a ,workshop on body expression’."(...)" I first explained - in French - that we would begin with some warm up exercises, then continue with working out chorographic compositions and that we would speak ,gibberish’ during the whole workshop."(...)

“The original project was initially an educational experience. But the unexpected result led me to simultaniously make a completely separate project: A short video, which documented the situation."(...)"By teaching the ,gibberish dance’ I wanted to create a situation that led the students to let go of all artistic conventions which they had acquired or which they wanted to acquire."(...)"I wanted to find out if I had the capability of constructing something in a field I did not master but wherein I could simulate a mastery. To make this work, it was necessary to lead the students into a terrain wherein they could generate their own ideas in an independent manner. "I became a catalyser of their own capabilities."(...)""The Perpignan workshop was not a exhibitionistic stage, meaning a simple showing of an intuitive experience, but an entire set of game rules and its provoking nature of misunderstandings, displacements and surprises."

The workshop / lecture by Jan Kopp will be taking place on Sunday July 16, at 20:00.