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jump into cold water : contributions
Ane Hjort Guttu
Trasop School’s Print Collection, 2003

Trasop School’s Print Collection was shown at the exhibition Art To The People – 50 Year Anniversary Of The National Touring Exhibitions. This show investigated in what ways the national institution Riksutstillinger (The National Touring Exhibitions) has influenced the Norwegian view on art and art politics. The show was also discussing how Norwegian artists relate to social democracy in general and especially the idea of ”art to the people”.

Trasop School’s Print Collection consists of two elements: A collection of 30 prints from my old elementary school Trasop in Oslo, and a 10 page essay. The essay presents the history behind this certain print collection and behind the institutions that were directing art into schools and hospitals. The essay also analyzes the themes and aesthetics of the prints, and suggests some theories of why they look the way they do. In the end of the folder is a list of the collection with titles and year of production.

The Norwegian state and the county of Oslo both had central institutions who were spreading graphic prints to all types of public institutions during the fifties, sixties and seventies. The work Trasop School’s Print Collection deals with the strong ideological content in this type of post-war Scandinavian graphics, the centralistic way of organizing public art, and the social democratic approach to art in general.