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jump into cold water : contributions
David Goldenberg
What will the future look like?, ongoing

A series of projects, examining participation and communication – How to be a perfect guest? (Sharjah Biennial version); TT2030, STRUKTUR (artist:network, New York, USA); And, Back to back (Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium) – use similar basic components – platforms, whether built stages, or computers and websites; around which a wide range of people from all cultures, ages, classes come together. This offers an opportunity to put the culture of a country on which the platform is exhibited on stage. And, a space where people meet to sleep, dream, think, talk and act out different scenarios. Another way of seeing these projects is that they actively seek the means to disrupt and find gaps in how we think and stage a normalized Euro-centric art practice, while stripping away, disengaging and looking for a point from which we can rethink this practice, whether in the form of text, discussion, actions. A number of projects push this thinking and dreaming further by encouraging people to collectively imagine a near future to pose questions about the model of art they are embedded in – this is equivalent to staging a thought experiment. For instance: will the current form of art continue to survive? Is it possible to anticipate changes, or do we need to completely rethink this model? The umbrella term that we use to describe this new model or new domain is Post Autonomy: it offers the possibility for constructing a model along completely different principles.