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jump into cold water : contributions
Szuper Gallery: Susanne Clausen and Pawlo Kerestey
The strength of the system, my experiences of it, was that in fact, oddly enough, it was actually a very collaborative enterprise already, 2006
DVD, approx. 30 min.

The video shows a group of performers in a studio and seminar situation, impersonating a group of different artists and educators. They describe to each other their own personal views and experiences as art teachers in the context of their own art practice or in relation to the institutions they are associated with, while reflecting on their own role as teachers. The scripts mainly originate from a series of real interviews with a diverse group of artists, who emphasise the collaborative, performative and subversive nature of teaching and for whom teaching has significance in relation to their own work. These views may be symptomatic for a critical contemporary art practice and may yet seem antagonistic to the ongoing commodification of the system of art education.

(Original Interviews: with Kaucyla Brooke, Brian Chatwin, Marcia Farquhar, Michael Hauffen, Uriel Orlow, Zuky Serper, Peter Suchin, Sari Tervaniemi)

The projected was supported by a grant from the
Art Design Media Subject Centre at The Higher Education Academy, UK