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jump into cold water : contributions
René Fahrni
Stubete, 2006

Stubete is a Swiss word for an occasion where friends of traditional folk music and Swiss traditions get together to play music. The meeting place is usually a restaurant. My interest in this project lies neither in folk music nor in Swiss customs but rather in the following features of a Stubete:
  • It creates a situation where those involved are both audience members and performers
  • Differences to meeting places like bars, clubs, and so on
  • One learns from one another (musically)
  • Musicians play together without any hierarchy
  • A platform where one can show what one has learned and social contacts result from it
  • Parallels to and differences with, for example, hip-hop battles, jam sessions, a concert at home
  • Experience of values of different age groups.

Participants are sought through personal contacts, flyers, posters, and best of all by the participants themselves (perhaps at a later stage) and meet at the Shedhalle to play music. People bring their own instruments and/or there are some in the room already as an indication for the Stubete.