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jump into cold water : contributions
Copenhagen Free University

The Copenhagen Free University is an artist run institution dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language. „We work with forms of knowledge that are fleeting, fluid, schizophrenic, uncompromisingly subjective, uneconomic, acapitalist, produced in the kitchen, produced when asleep or arisen on a social excursion – collectively.”

Posters and Propaganda from the Copenhagen Free University

We have over the years been producing posters promoting the ideas and practises connected to the Copenhagen Free University. This has been our strategy when invited to work in 'unknown territories' to disperse propaganda about self-organisation and how to take power in our own lives. Among the posters are the manifesto All Power to The Copenhagen Free University, and the dictionary, The ABZ of the Copenhagen Free University, etc. The most recent posters are three film-posters promoting the Exploration and Unlearning Series.

The Exploration and Unlearning Series

Exploration and Unlearning Series is a series of television programmes that investigates how knowledge is constructed and deconstructed through experience and play. Mediated by a camera, the programmes move in and out of the 'warfare' between the kid's worlds and the adult's world. We are the actors: Solvej Heise Jakobsen, Henriette Heise and Jakob Jakobsen.

Hamburg Town

TVD. 18 min, English subtitles, 2006
A documentary that shows five-year-old Solvej and her parents exploring playgrounds in Hamburg while playing with the camera at the same time. The city and the grown ups are seen through the eyes of the child.

The Blackbird

TVD, 15 min., English subtitles, 2005
A news programme about two baby blackbirds who fell out of their nest. Solvej was especially absorbed by the event. It gave her the idea for this programme.

The Film's start

TVD, 20 min, English subtitles, 2006
Armed with a camera six-year-old Solvej visits a film photographer student at The National Film School in Denmark. He gives Solvej and her mother a guided tour of the school and tells them about all the things they can't see when they are watching television or film.

The workshop / lecture by Copenhagen Free University will be taking place on Wednesday July 12, at 20:00.