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programon the spot

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Investigation of artistic practice

The idea of shifting perspectives, producing an artistic practice rather than representing artistic work, is a practice that evades the art market, since it is not so much a matter of displaying the product as exploring on-site work, process and activity in a thematic framework. Long-term collaboration between Swiss and international artists will support in-situ interventions with artistic means: Projects can take place in the city of Zurich, be part of the communication or Shedhalle infrastructure, or take on the form of a workshop. One aspect that influences the artistic production series On the Spot essentially is the participatory approach. For this, the Shedhalle is, in a long-term perspective, in search of a studio to enable invited artists to work on site-specific research on the spot. Meanwhile on a discursive level, further investigations of artistic practice play an important role, something which, in our opinion, needs to find its starting point in artistic practice itself.