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Diana Wyder
Hotel City
video, 10 min., 2006

Tourism with its immense demand for unqualified workers is an important factor for migration. Many vacation spots are just as dependent on tourists as they are on migrants. How do the ‘betravelled’ think about the travellers? How is ‘authenticity’ and ‘tradition’ consciously produced by the local population? What role do migrants play in this process? Are they apparent to travellers or are they suppressed by them? Are there contact zones between travellers, ‘betravelled’ and service providers? What do they look like? My interest in the touristic space of activities, on this three way relationship between traveller, ‘betravelled’ and service provider led me to Zermatt and Taesch. The project Hotel City was created within the scope of the module The Tourist Gaze at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich (guidance: Marion von Osten).

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