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Alles Reiche kommt von Außen (All wealth come from outside)

With mixed feelings the Swiss section of SCHLEUSER.NET followed up on the tenacious disputes on the federal foreigner- and asylum law. With positive feelings because the over-regulation of the undocumented travel traffic coming into effect will noticeably increase the margin of the affiliated Schleuser-businesses. With negative feelings, because the lobby organisation of the Swiss people smugglers have been pleading for an overall deregulation of the government border control for quite a while. “How will we benefit from the high but short-termed profits announced by Blocher, when thereby the economic conglomerate of Switzerland ails in the long term,” says Beat Rüst of SCHLEUSER.NET in the Basel region. Precisely the voting Swiss citizen ought to know that all wealth comes from the outside. “Current Portuguese investigations have come to the conclusion, that after as little as five years of work related stay travellers without documents pay back more to their new home country than the aid they received from it.” This known “break even” is now set back on the timetable of the Bundesbern (Federal Bern). With a wink Beat Rüst now suggests that the winnings of the National Bank should suffice for a broad economic training of the Cantons.

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