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Silvia Orthwein-Erhard und Daniel Usbeck
Spass ohne Grenzen?
Kinder lesen aus dem neuen Asyl- und Ausländergesetz

(Unbounded Fun - children read from the new asylum and immigration law)
video project, 2006

In this video project children are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of migration based on their own history and life experience.
The point of departure is the recent referendum in Switzerland regarding its asylum and immigration law, passed on September 24th. The children read the paragraphs related to families and minors and discussed their everyday lives in Zurich with us while being recorded live on camera.
The children get to know projects of exhibiting artists and by doing so, will gain an understanding of the context in which ‘their’ video is shown. This project is a prelude to the development of a long-term educational approach on societal topics in an exhibition context. To these ends, new approaches will be developed with the children.

We thank the community center Wollishofen and the Rote Fabrik for their willing and friendly support.

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