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Anne Lorenz and Rebekka Reich
audio installation, 2006

The Taxi, which will eventually stand on this parking space, is still on the road in Zurich.
Four immigrant Taxi drivers are linked to the artists through constant telephone contact, an answering machine recording their spontaneous observations, opinions and questions.
From these messages Anne Lorenz and Rebekka Reich are assembling, in collaboration with the sound designer Anselm Caminada, a 17-minute sound collage.
TAXI RÜCKSPIEGELBLICK is an audio installation consisting of a taxi, which is parked in the exhibition space and a sound track composed of original cuts, studio recordings, sounds and music. The exhibition visitor steps into the taxi, starts the internal sound system and can engage with the installation inside the ‘taxi capsule’.

A project by Anne Lorenz & Rebekka Reich
Temporary Audio-installation and game event in the urban space

Saturday, 3. March 2007
12 hours continuously, starting at 8am until 8pm
Where: Taxi parking Langstrasse 94 (Corner Dienerstrasse), 8004 Zürich

Taxis are part of the city space and are perceived by passers-by as a natural element of urban life. But how do taxi-drivers perceive the public space, their working environment? And furthermore, how do taxi-drivers that have not grown up in the city experience their habitat? Anne Lorenz & Rebekka Reich invite passers-by on the third of March to take a break in their normal day routine and to transport themselves into the outside/inside world of migrants, that spend every day in close contact with the inhabitants and the city of Zürich.

The aim of taxi-drivers is to bring as many people as possible to their desired destinations. The aim of pool is to pot as many balls as possible. Always in movement, always in the game, never to hand over the queue or to lose patience.

Taking this as an allegory for the world of taxi driving, Lorenz & Reich seduce the taxi-drivers to play pool in their waiting time. They block a taxi parking place for the duration of twelve hours, an average working day for a taxi-driver, with a pool-table. In exchange for his car-keys, the taxi-driver receives queue and balls for a game of pool.

While he is playing, his car is at the disposal of the artists to change its function for the duration of the game: Normally used as a means of transport for people, the car will now be used for transporting thoughts. Passers-by can take a seat in the parked taxi and let themselves be transported into the world of the taxi-drivers.

In co-production with Shedhalle Zürich, Lorenz & Reich collected the opinions and observations of taxi-drivers over the period of 10 weeks. With the help of an automated answer-phone they gathered the spontaneous thoughts of the drivers during their work, and assembled those together with texts, sounds and music to build an audio-collage. Played inside a taxi the collage hovers freely between the genres of radio-play, audio-installation and intervention in the urban space. It creates a personal aura that oscillates between emotions of foreignness and familiarity.

As in TAXI MADRID (2005) and TAXI RÜCKSPIEGELBLICK (2006) Lorenz & Reich use documentary material to create a multi-layered image that addresses their personal questions concerning foreignness, mobility and our handling of time. In the unconstrained trespassing of formats they position themselves as autonomous players in the art-world and question common mechanisms of the reception of art.

Audio Collage:
Audio: Anselm Caminada
Taxidriver: Hamid Azali, Babilongo Doria, Ibrahim Cekic, Mile Topic
Actor: Lukas Spühler

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