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Pia Lanzinger
Vor den Kopf gestoßen (Hit the mark), 2006

Against the backdrop of the media spectacle around the final match of the world cup 2006, which boiled over into a personal brawl between Zidane and Materazzi and characterizes a significant debate concerning intercultural geopolitical discussions, this project examines certain tendencies, which where expressed during the medias attempt to process the event. Zinédine Zidane, with a Maghreb family background and child of the city’s outskirts of Marseille, is still known in the urban migrant Banlieue area La Castellane as “Yazid”. “Zidane’s sign is directed towards the children of the Banlieues” Thomas Hausschild construes the headbutt scene, which in his opinion is “one of the most emblematic and fascinating of recent cultural history”. With a teenage football team from Berlin-Neuköln, a district with a high concentration of migrants, Pia Lanzinger restages in a video the debate in the media around the interesting Zidane-Materazzi-case.

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