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The Kotmale Project, video (mini-dv, dvd), 46,25 min., 2006
Jesper Nordahl

The main part of the video «The Kotmale Project» is archive material from the early eighties, broadcasted in The Swedish Public Service Television. It also consists of additional material recorded in Kotmale during 2004 and 2005.

The video is one part of a series of investigations on the Kotmale hydropower project, which was built by the Swedish construction company Skanska between 1979 and 1985 in Sri Lanka. Since its early days the Kotmale Project has received much criticism from different fractions in Sweden, partly concerning the way it was established, and partly with regard to who would benefit from it. In an indirect way, it also interfered with local politics in Sri Lanka.

The project was an agreement between the Swedish and the Sri Lankan government and Skanska, who got the contract without any competitive bidding. The Swedish Parliament was informed afterwards and Sweden's aid agency, SIDA, didn’t get control of the project until the beginning of the eighties. Ultimately, SIDA handed out grants totalling € 250 million for the Kotmale Project.

Jesper Nordahl
The Kotmale Project

Kotmale, video (mini-dv, dvd), 21.25 min., 2005
«Kotmale» is a recorded round trip by car at the “Swedish camp” in Kotmale.

The camp was constructed within the Kotmale hydropower project as office, residential and leisure area for the Swedish employees and their families. Skanska built the houses, and the interiors were set up with furniture by the Swedish furniture company IKEA. Today, the camp is inhabited by the Kotmale Holiday Resort, the Mahaweli Project and the Kothmale Community Radio.

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