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RE:Looking (2002-2003)
DVD and Installation
Hoy Cheong Wong
in collaboration with Arifwaran Shaharuddin (video) and Chimera Design (website)

RE:Looking explores the precarious link between fact and fiction, fake and authenticity by overlaying three credible, authoritative forms – a documentary, a website, and a realistic reconstruction of a contemporary living room.

A documentary programme by MBC (Malaysian Broadcasting Corporation) examines the impact of the former Malaysian Empire on post-colonial Austria. Taking on the format of news and documentaries, the video parodies television networks and documentaries as researched authoritative forms of information. It begins as a serious, plausible documentary but starts then to provoke a sense of discomfort for both sides of the divide as fictive events, memories and histories evoke the thought ofurgent contemporary problems of migration, racism, power relationships and empire making.

The video is located in a model of an imaginary ordinary contemporary middle-class living room. The project includes the website It explores the inherent problematic features of cyberspace as a realm of fictive, unattributed and questionable information.

Hoy Cheong Wong, RE:Looking

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