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Paradise Revised (2005)
Ruby Sircar

Embedded into juicy-green, dandelion spotted meadows, glittering glaciers and sublime blue mountains lies the stylized heart of Europe – Switzerland. In the 19th Century the colonial power Great Britain implanted the winter destination and hiking paradise into the minds and hearts of its objects as a Victorian-romanticized and comprised image of Europe. 150 years later Bollywood is in search of new happy-go-lucky-settings for its mega-blockbuster productions. Locations such as Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iran had to be taken off the map, due to wars and other struggles. Where else might one project emotions onto? Switzerland is found and set up as a brand and every European location is assigned to it. The whole of the alpine space – from Tyrol to Budapest and to Milan – is Switzerland, according to the map of consciousness of the Hindi mainstream film industry. Europe is Switzerland, from cuckoo-clocks to Bavarian folk dances and from Swarovski to Heidi.

Ruby Sircar, Paradise Revised (2005),
Filmstill from: dilwale dulhania le jayenge (Mumbai, 1995)

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