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I want to go there, I have to go there, that's me (ongoing project, 2005)
Christian Mayer, Yves Mettler und Marion Ronca

Three people meet on the way to Switzerland, away from Switzerland or on the way to themselves: A tourist, a migrant, Helvetia.
None of them remains untouched by the intense exchange of information, their influence on each other and by the mockery and sabotage: The field becomes larger, the players swap roles and the term “Switzerland” becomes unreliable, volatile and dangerous.

“I will see what I expect to see on this journey. And I expect to see what I have already seen. I am both a consumer and a manufacturer.”

“I am following the contracts, the possibilities. The more of them there are, here or there, the more I can make of them for my people and myself. Everything is indefinite here, the next thing is always already present. Switzerland is one of many possibilities. Moving for a living instead of settling.“

“I am Helvetia, the mother of all Swiss people. Some say that I am 700 years old, others say I am not yet 200. I decorate the Swiss coins. That is surely no coincidence. I am beautiful and proud and strong and I raise my children with perpetual values. Some say that I am just a picture that is getting sick. I wish I had a body, so I could hit them.”

Christian Mayer/Yves Mettler /Marion Ronca
untitled snapshot (2005)

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