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FernWeh – Forum Tourismus & Kritik in the iz3w... (2005)

FernWeh is engaged in critical work in education and publicity relating to the politics of tourism. By examining the north-south relationship FernWeh draws attention to social contradictions as a consequence of current tourist activity in the context of social power relations. Understanding tourism as a social phenomenon also means confronting one’s own expectations and images associated with travel. FernWeh examines the connections between tourism, culture, and racism by reflecting on how society deals with the “foreign(er).”
It seeks to reveal the dynamic with which tourism moves between the formation of myths and socioeconomic constraints and indeed lives from both things. FernWeh researches the “Making of a Paradise,” that is to say, the conditions for producing parallel or paradisiacal worlds of tourism. It is interested in the re-production of touristic regimes of the gaze and how they interact with current discourses. In this context exotic and multicultural elements are felt even at home—for example, in advertising, in the African Village at the Augsburg Zoo, or in political debates on migration. The poster series Beyond Paradise vexes the touristic gaze by making available information about the foreigner(er) that derives from travel.

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