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Le Ping Pong d’Amour, first season (2002)

Presentation: 05. May 2005, 20.00
Le Ping Pong d'Amour is a blend of Nouvelle Vague with what is today known as “real-life soap”.

An alliance between subsistence and subjunctive: Il faut un jour que vous viviez de votre travail.  But how to find a good balance between life and work when you still want to pay the rent on time? The flat becomes a stage for unusual job-development measures: Thierry opens an unconventional market-research office; Tibot sets up a laboratory for the production of intelligent dairy products; Baisse founds an agency specialized in psycho-technology, platform shoes and accident rentals – “Rent an Accident”. Herbertine instructs adventure-oriented French language courses. And of course the landlord must not discover any of these activities. The protagonists fall in love but cannot admit it. They have class and fear nothing. In the quasi-French “soap vertité” cosmos of Le Ping Ping d'Amour, Lacan meets Godard, the mechanisms of counter-projection meet those of counter-transfer and Truffaut encounters the projections he has generated.

Flyer with video stills of the first season of
Team Ping Pong, Le Ping Pong de’ Amour (2002), Mano Wittmann

Le Ping Pong d’Amour was independently produced in four 20-minute episodes.

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