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Ariana (2002) and The Last Tour (2004)

Presentation: 2 December 2004, 20.00
Ariana And The Last Tour are part of an unfinished trilogy, which deals with construction and the relationship between landscape, narration, and ideology.

Ariana is a video in the form of a traditional essay-film. It shows a subjective report of a trip to Afghanistan. The film documents a failed project: it refuses to show simple panoramas, or any reference points that could lend the cameramen some form of visual control. The film tries to understand history and ideology, and their relationship to landscape and its aesthetics and topography.
Film shot in 16 mm, transferred to DVD, 18 Min.

The Last Tour, also in traditional essay film form, is political fiction. In comparison to Ariana, this work is purely fictional, and describes a possible future scenario: the return of white spots on the map. The Last Tour describes the near future closing of the Alps (as a way to prevent their ultimate destruction). We follow the camera on the eve of the construction of this new park. The film reinterprets and re-imagines the modern history of the conquest and cartography by reversing historic occurrences.
Film shot in Super-16 mm, transferred to DVD, 14 Min.

Production still from: Marine Hugonnier,
The Last Tour (2004)

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