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Kubrick, Nixon and The Man in the Moon ("Opération Lune")

On the occasion of the "Museum‘s Night" the Shedhalle will be showing Kubrick, Nixon and The Man in the Moon, a film by the French documentary filmmaker William Karel, which was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in 2003. Karel combines fictitious, hypothetical and documentary elements in a fascinating way in his film based on the origin of material regarding the first landing on the moon. Thus questioning the supposed authenticity of pictures displayed by mass media. Karel´s original intention was actually to make a film about director Stanley Kubrick, who had just died. During the course of his researches however he discovered that there were links between Kubrick and NASA. He then decided to follow up the question if it would have been possible to stage the landing in a film studio simultaneous to the Apollo 11 mission, and then present this to the world as reality, should the mission have failed.

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