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Aire Incondicional
from 2004-02-14 to 2004-04-04

Opening date: 2004-02-13

The emergence of community-based and migrant e-strategies in southern Europe

Associated Event

The main focus of AIRE INCONDICIONAL is the visualisation of media and communication tactics that have emerged from a specific southern European historical and cultural background. The show provides a platform for interdisciplinary projects and workshops, initiated by artists, activists and community groups creating interventions to open up public responses and discourse about the effects of globalisation, the virtualisation of political and cultural borders and the informational revolution.

AIRE INCONDICIONAL is a partly mobile exposition, facilitating its installation in a variety of spaces. Following the concept of mobile media tactics, the portable part of AIRE INCONDICIONAL allows the project to tour to different cities making an interaction between the authors and activists travelling with the exhibition and the local public possible. The contents shown in the exhibition are furthermore placed at the disposal of the public: placed within the exhibition there will be copy-stations enabling the public to copy the contents of the exhibition –be it audio or visual documentation, texts, images, music– and then take these contents home.

concept: Susana Noguero, Olivier Schulbaum

organisation: Shedhalle-Team, Carmen Weisskopf, Ignacio Garcia, Joan Villapuig, Paola Sinisterra

artists: Hackitectura / Al-jwarizmi (Spain/Morocco), El Perro (Spain), Jordi Mitjà (Spain), (Spain), Alku (Spain), AAA. Corp (France), (Italy), Frontera Sur RVVT (Spain/Switzerland), Enrique Radigales (Spain), Jaromil (Italy), Rotor (Spain), Zé dos bois (Portugal)