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Musik Didactique
from 2003-10-24 to 2003-11-30

Opening date: 2003-10-24

Content and message in electronic pop music 'after' techno

Associated Event
Music Lecture with LIVE Music

Techno is justifiably said to be the last great paradigm within advanced pop music. Apart from producing an ingenious new style and emphatically influencing neighbouring musical genres as well as societal realms, techno has been characterised by a spectacular renunciation of content and message.

For some time now, a renaissance of narrative and signifying elements has made itself felt in electronic music. Thus the use of singing and story-telling lyrics have been reinforced. Likewise, elaborate and lavish live shows demonstrating strong stage presence are substituting the 'clandestine' onstage appearances by techno artists hiding motionlessly behind technical gadgetry. Excessive sampling through availability of an immense virtual sound archive would be yet another case in point. But also within music videos and cover artwork the trend is an ample usage of a exuberant supply of signs.

Inasmuch as the once prevalent 'form is the new content' axiom seemingly left any need for social and political pertinence unsatisfied – and as content and intention are (once more) becoming important to producers of electronic pop music, a new definition of content in theory and praxis is timely.

In three segments – M.D. plastik, M.D. praktik and M.D. plausch, M.D. Musik Didactique puts a focus on contemporary music makers and their intentions – as well as on new adequate formats and channels of dissemination.

M.D. plastik
Exhibition in the Shedhalle: Literature, sound, film and music video collection. Thematic dj-ing by select choice of guests. Interior decoration as functional lounge and work space. Designer chosen through competition at various schools of architecture.

M.D. praktik
Concert program at various venues in the city of Zurich. Performance by Swiss and international artists.

M.D. plausch
Lectures, discussions, music video program at the Shedhalle and various venues in Zurich by competent speakers from at home and abroad (anthology of individual contributions scheduled for later publication.)

More information:

concept: Frederikke Hansen, Marc Matter

organisation: Yolanda Hug, Sirun Kurtcuoglu, Frank Landes, Sarah Mehler, Barbara Pfyffer, Christoph Rufer

artists: Alura, Kevin Blechdom, Jürg Burkhardt, Chicks on Speed, dial, Diedrich Diederichsen, DJ Rik Rok feat. Michael Hilton / The Beautiful Crew, DJ Sprinkles a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz, Dinky, Domizil, Ekkehard Ehlers, Female:Pressure, Thomas Gilgen, Girlzklub, Myriam Grubenmann, Michael Hiltbrunner, Justin Hoffmann, Hannes Hug, Olaf Karnik, Chris Korda, Ninon Liotet, Melissa Logan, Michel Loris-Melikoff, Philipp Meier, Thomas Meinecke, Mo, Sonja Moonear, Alex Murray-Leslie, Tobi Müller, Hans Nieswandt, Rotraut Pape, PIN, John Player, Tine Plesch, Rework, Toni Riccione & Dominique le Touch, Pinky Rose, Suzanna Rozkosny a.k.a. Mizz Bezz, Boris Schneider, Señor Coconut y su conjunto, Spezialmaterial, Nina Stuhldreher, Oli Stumm, Styro2000, Testcard, Terre Thaemlitz, Trisha, Alexis Waltz, Markus Unterfinger, Marc Ushmi & Reverend Galloway, Water Lilly feat. Pol.