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Making peace
from 2003-05-17 to 2003-07-06

Opening date: 2003-05-16

Shifting Paradigms of Peace and War

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Whereas in the classical-modern paradigm, peace was understood as absence of war, in today's new global 'order' such a distinction disintegrates. we now see a hyper-modern maxim allowing for overlap, even synchronicity: Peace nothing but (global) war against (local, real) wars. Thus, when war and peace are undergoing an incremental, yet unerring hybridisation, the question arises upon which notion of peace an authentic pacifism today should rest.

Artists, film makers and theorists trace a paradigmatic shift in peace thinking and raise questions about how ordinary, peace-loving people can engage global and local power and pose alternatives to dominant political agendas of public security.

concept: Frederikke Hansen

organisation: Shedhalle-Team, Daniela Belinga

artists: Mary Beth Edelson, Meir Gal, Pablo Helguera, hybridvideotracks, Lyn Löwensten, Khan and Masha Muftic