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Money & Me
from 2002-02-15 bis 2002-04-07

Opening date: 2002-02-15

About personal relations with the phenomenon of money

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Art makes Politics

300 Mäuse is a Kunstszene Zürich exhibition, investigating the phenomenon of money and the emotional, cultural and social values attributed to it.

Is money really the central nervous system of all things, the nervus rerum? If yes, then how can it be that people around here speak so little about it? The exhibition will want to break this mute discourse.

Catchwords such as Davos, WTO, banking secrecy, and others trigger more than just political trains of thought. The effects of the neoliberal, capitalist system have emotional consequences, and even cause personal crises. These and other effects of the phenomenon of money will be dealt with in this exhibition by artists living in Zurich.

concept: Frederikke Hansen

organisation: Shedhalle-Team

artists: Ian Anüll, David Chieppo, Laurent Goei, San Keller, Jason Klimatsas, Shine Moyech, Serguei Nikokochev, Marion von Osten, Niklaus Rüegg, Lisa Schiess, lego starferry, Susan Walder